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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Geology at Manchester

Unlock your understanding of the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history with a Geology degree at The University of Manchester.

The Earth's rocks and minerals preserve a record of global change that spans over 4500 million years. From the formation of the Earth, through volcanic activity and the natural history of life, to natural hazards and the future of our planet - explore and understand Earth with the Geology pathway of our Earth and Planetary Sciences degree, ranked in the top 10 in the UK.

“The breadth of the degree has exposed me to modern thought across the earth sciences, and the opportunity for depth is fantastic too.”

Wasim, final year MEarthSci student

Unravel our planet’s story, through study of the structure, evolution and dynamic processes of the Earth’s deep past and its hidden interior.

Gain an insight to the crises facing the planet in its near future and place yourself in a unique position to work on their solutions.

In the Geology pathway you will develop an understanding of the major physical, chemical and biological processes that have shaped the Earth over time, and build an integrated skill set to address future challenges to our planet.

For geologists the most important laboratory is the great outdoors, combined with cutting-edge laboratory and numerical studies to predict natural processes. Fantastic field trips comprise a significant element of this pathway. It is here you will be able to practise making and recording field observations and measurements that can be interpreted in terms of active geological and environmental processes.

Students during the Sicily (Italy) 2022 undergraduate field course.
Students during the Sicily (Italy) 2022 undergraduate field course. They observe and describe different units across a North-South cross-section of the Sicily Fold Thrust Belt.

Why study geology at Manchester?

What makes Manchester stand out is that our Geology pathway is taught alongside other Earth science disciplines offered in our Department, one of the largest in the UK. We believe this gives our students the flexibility of choice and a solid grounding to succeed across the board after they graduate.

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Our first year provides you with a chance to build foundational knowledge in the natural sciences, developing the practical ability to analyse and solve problems as part of a team. You'll also develop theoretical knowledge, and numerical, field and laboratory-based skills.

In short, you will be equipped with the key skills of a natural scientist before you begin your specialist training as a Geologist. You don’t need any prior knowledge of Geology before you start, we make sure our students have the same foundation as they start their studies.

 “From the second year, you will be able to complete a full Earth and Planetary Sciences BSc or MEarthSci, with the opportunity to complete your own independent mapping project. Geology is a diverse field with professional and academic career opportunities for students with creative minds and transferable skills.

Are you interested in studying Geology? You can speak with our students, staff and academics at our open days to hear more about our pathway at the University. In the meantime, why not explore the information we have on our website.