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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Fees and funding

Information about the funding options you have as an undergraduate student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

In addition to student loans, you could be entitled to further funding options such as scholarships and bursaries.


Various scholarships may be available to you as a student in the Department. You'll receive information on how to apply once your course begins.

The following scholarship is offered by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences:

William Boyd Dawkins Scholarships

Students who achieve AAA at A-level (or equivalent) will be awarded our prestigious William Boyd Dawkins Scholarship. To be eligible, offer holders will need to have put Manchester as their firm choice. Successful recipients will receive a one-off payment of £1,000 during their first year of study.

The scholarships below are offered by the wider Faculty of Science and Engineering:

BP STEM scholarships

Students joining the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences will be eligible to compete for a BP scholarship worth £3,000 per year from the second year of study. These highly prestigious scholarships are renewable for each year of study, provided you obtain full credits and an overall year mark of 60% or higher.

Several of these highly prestigious scholarships will be available across the Faculty of Science and Engineering and all of our undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

BP Achievement Awards

The award

£1,000 per year.

Who is eligible

First and second-year undergraduate students in the following discipline areas: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including Geology), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics.

Students on relevant courses are invited to write a 1,000-word essay on a specific subject. There are up to three awards available per Department and year. Email and poster publicity is normally launched in December with a closing date in February. Students are selected on the basis of their entry qualifications / first-year examination results and the content of their application/essay.

Further information can be obtained from

International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships

The award

£2,000 per year

Who is eligible

Well qualified international students who apply for any undergraduate degree course within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Further details on criteria and selection can be obtained at:

Indian Excellence Scholarships

The award

£80,000 available over three awards. The highest ranked student will receive £40,000 payable as £10,000 per year, for up to four years of study. Two students will receive awards of £20,000 each payable as £5,000 per year, for up to four years of study.

Who is eligible

Any Indian student who can demonstrate excellent levels of attainment while studying the International Baccalaureate or Standard XII.

Three individual scholarships are available. These prestigious Faculty awards will be made on the basis of an applicant’s UCAS form. There is no special interview or extra work commitment involved.

Eligible candidates need to accept an offer as first choice from the University by Sunday, 30 June 2019 and the three successful applicants will be informed of their awards in July, providing them with valuable savings on their studies. Students will need to maintain satisfactory performance during their degree course.

Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

The award


Who is eligible

The University awards this to approximately the top 0.5% of undergraduate students at graduation each year. Nominations are made by Schools, for further information email:

The following scholarship is offered by The University of Manchester:

Manchester Access Programme

All students who we recruit from the Manchester Access Programme receive a scholarship of £1,000 in their first year.